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Its hybrid world: a fusion of
heritage, present and future. 

  In a new episodic film project, Prada crafts a hybrid world, halfway between the synthetic and the natural – a futuristic fairy-tale devised around the reality of Prada, and its emblematic Nylon fabric. A fusion of heritage, present and future. 

Presented as a series of four chapters, the fantasy of a Prada ‘Nylon Farm is the surreal backdrop for an unfolding love story. The farm itself is populated with flocks of cyborg nylon sheep – a subtle nod to Philip K. Dick and a long tradition of Science Fiction – whose synthetic fleece is harvested via this alternate reality’s forward – projected technology to weave into Prada’s signature nylon. This perfect world, of artificial intelligence and automated machinery, is nevertheless combined with an unexpected variable – human nature, and emotion.