Felix Bernstein:
Bieber Bathos Elegy
at Whitney Museum of American Art

New York,
January 15 – January 16, 2016

The Whitney Museum of American Art introduces New York based artist, poet, and writer Felix Bernstein, who debuts a hybrid multimedia work of musical performance that transforms from poetry to cabaret to web voyeurism to deconstructive criticism to opera. Focusing on issues such as identity and persona, Bernstein meditates on the concept of bathos—the failure to achieve pathos—representing the “art of failure” into the art of perfection. “Justin Bieber” joins the stage as a prophetic angel to critique Felix’s perverse rapture and weird museum hysteria, while artist Shelley Hirsch is the one who leads a youth chorus in an interpretation of Tomorrow from the musical Annie. The art of Thomas Lanigan-Schmidt decorates the theater entryway.