Extravaganza is IndividualityValentino's path to self expression

Feeding the opulence of diversity is enriching,
even more so in the context of a Maison de Couture.


Extravaganza means moving without borders, it is a gesture of self-definition and a way of expressing our true self — not to be confounded with fishing for attentions. The affirmation of one’s reason for being in this world, the roots and culture but most importantly the visual translation of we perceive our surroundings. Therefore is not only Extravaganza we’re talking about, it’s Individuality as well. Pierpaolo Piccioli remarked his beliefs in promoting and protecting those values by creating a collection in which every piece is different and the same at once. Just like us human beings, all different bu all equals. In fact, inclusion is a creative and human act. 

Throughout the show the silhouettes changes with others, the idea of ​​extravagance materializes and dematerializes in colors, shapes, flowers, fringes and headdresses. Each passage is a singular entity, and all together they find a sense in the unification of individuality. The thought materializes with the succession of different silhouettes and styles, in a crescendo of volumes and colors that culminates in romantic long dresses, clean-cut suits and long dressing gowns. The outfits are matched with hats that echo distant civilizations, jewels of exaggerated dimensions, that sometimes become integral part of the dress, wool feathers and fringes.

Trying to explain everything, would betray the deeper meaning of the journey. Individuality is an act of creation and self-creation, but also of interpretation. What develops in these rooms, therefore, is a story that can take on as many meanings as there are spectators who observe it.  All different, all valid. Every eye, a path.”