Exploring AmericaCALVIN KLEIN SS18

“It’s about American horror and American beauty”
Raf Simons


The SS18 CALVIN KLEIN collection by Raf Simons takes inspiration from cinema, the dream-factory of Hollywood and its depictions of both an American nightmare, and the all-powerful American dream. The quintessence of Calvin Klein’s identity reflects one facet of that always-inspiring American Dream. It’s in the American exploration that Raf Simons found Andy Warhol: thanks to a unique collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts, this collection incorporates a selection of Warhol artworks as screen-prints. Dominant colors are safety orange, yellow, black, overwhelmingly red matched with nylon, rubber and fringed dresses. The cultural iconography of Americana stands out and constantly inspires Raf Simons’ Calvin Klein.