Exeptional TransportEva Marisaldi at PAC

Other dimensions, where everything can happen
and where everything remains suspended.

  The PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea presents Eva Marisaldi, one of the most important artists of the generation born in the 1960s to whom the PAC has chosen to dedicate one of the research lines of its annual programme: the promotion and enhancement of Italian contemporary art.
The exhibition is curated by Diego Sileo and adds a further stage in the artist’s research with a new reflection that starts from his early years of production and goes up to the present day, through a wide selection of past works and with the creation of new works designed specifically for the spaces of the PAC.
Photographs, actions, performances, videos, animations, installations, alternating with more traditional and artisanal techniques such as drawing and embroidery. Eva Marisaldi‘s works are characterized by a lyrical narrative vein and her research takes its cue from reality, but focuses on the hidden aspects of our everyday life, analyzed through her way of making art. A poetic and playful process, which enters the sphere of fantasy and imagination. Interviewing herself on themes such as dialogue and narration, Marisaldi investigates the possibilities of individual and collective reflection within the exhibition space, relating with it in a way that is always timely and refined and giving rise to original and evocative paths of transformation.
A coherent language and figuration within them, which we are continually called upon to decipher in the exhibition, transport us to other dimensions, where everything can happen and where everything remains suspended, in which the artist seems to test the diversity of the functioning of the mind and the complexity of communication, without neglecting, however, an essential playful component with which the viewer is invited to confront.

PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea – Eva Marisaldi
On view until February 3rd 2019