Executive RealnessFendi Menswear ss18

The Friday feeling and a fascinating
obsession for normality


  The Men’s SS18 collection, designed by Creative Director Silvia Venturini Fendi, embodies that joyous Friday feeling together with a twist of executive realness. Taking inspiration from normality and the office life, style guidelines are mixed, blended and redefined in surprising ways. “Big” Sue Tilley, artist and once muse of Lucian Freud plays with the collection through a series of illustrations that came printed on silk shirting, reproduced in leather and on metal charms and tags, and inlaid onto bags. They included bananas, a lamp, a cup of tea, and a corkscrew. Venturini’s businessmen is a driven young kid wearing a mix of luxurified casualwear and emasculated corporatewear, with double-F logo ties, suspenders, and baseball caps.