Every dawn, is firstEttore Spalletti

Marian Goodman Gallery, London,
28 April – 4 June, 2016


View of Ettore Spalletti’s studio, 2016. Image Credit: Matteo Ciavattella



Marian Goodman Gallery presents their first exhibition with Ettore Spalletti, combining recent and important earlier paintings, sculpture and works on paper in an atemporal installation that alters the gallery’s interior architecture. In the main space on the ground floor, Spalletti presents a series of multi-panel paintings in azure blue. Each work balances a gently insistent presence with an ethereal materiality.
The main upper gallery displays his most recent paintings, including the multi-panel Passeggio works that recall the sea and landscape views from around his studio in Abruzzo, on the Italian Adriatic Coast. A levitating blue field, supporting an ovoid alabaster sculpture, fills the adjacent upper side gallery as a site-specific installation. Spalletti’s work floats between painting and sculpture, integrating itself into the architectural environment.
The artist’s formal vocabulary has always melded and balanced painting and sculpture, form and color, interior and exterior space. Each work is the result of a meditative but rigorous process of applying a layer of colour at the same time of each day, to capture a specific tone that recalls an hour, a season, and the weather. His work has always traversed the past and present, the figurative and the abstract, the secular and the sublime.

1Ettore Spalletti, Paesaggio, 8 2016. Image Credit: Matteo Ciavattella