Double-facedThe classic and the eccentric

Hermès explores the night
through shadows and light.

  The air is electric. Hermès woman strides under the neon lights in a casaque jacket with a cosmic pattern. The night has patiently deconstructed each element of her Couvertures et tenues de jour carré. Long or short; focal lengths reveal secret details.
Cockades and equestrian browbands punctuate her closets. Reins trace the curves of her ultra-pencil skirt. She walks with a resolute gait, through shadows and light.
Knickerbocker jumpsuits, shorts and black leather jackets, dressage bodysuits, glove-fit trousers, sharply tailored day dresses, rhythmically pleated casaque blouses, and double faced coats: the classic and the eccentric — hand in hand.
Here she is, at the very heart of her long journey. Everything appears more clearly defined. She makes her way through the charcoal night, surrounded by the sounds of romance. Bathed in red moonlight, she smiles. The night belongs solely to her.