Desire of controlJil Sander SS19

Simple, elemental, geometric:
the starting point is the uniform.

  Lucie and Luke Meier’s Jil Sander Spring 2019 collection is a statement of the essence of modern womenswear. It finds its balance in apparently conflicting traits. Their world takes shape fusing freedom and discipline, vigour and wit, rhythm and asymmetry, desire and control. The starting point is the uniform. Of shape and how form relates to structure. Simple, elemental, geometric patterns are cut generously, informed by functional garments, and constructed from solid, smooth, sturdy fabrics. Boxy, tidy shirts with protruding cuffs and inside-out construction are reduced to their bare essentials. Paired with short, pleated skirts, a proposition of a new silhouette exploring the masculine and feminine rela­tionship is created. When shown as complete looks, these geometric garments create a new tailoring, refining the idea of a suit to a shirt and trouser.