• On left: Mary J. Blige
    On right: Kate Moss
  • Robert Fitzgerald Diggs (RZA/Bobby Digital)
  • On Left: Kamaal "Q-Tip" Fareed, Ali Shaheed Muhammad & Malik "Phife" Taylor (Tribe Called Quest)
    On right: Shawn Carter (Jay Z)
  • Sean Combs (Puff Daddy)


American Images

Intimacy and human expressions, the way that
celebrities are imagined by the public.

 Virtually all the celebrities portrayed by Lixenberg are rendered in a vulnerable way, and perhaps that’s why these images warrant repeated viewings. She does not show these gifted people doing breezy star turns, but instead Lixenberg extracts their ordinary (yet richly human) qualities, which permits a healthy contrast with their larger-than-life personas.
George Pitts, 2001

There aren’t more appropriate words to start with, than those written by George Pitts (1951–2017), photographer, painter, educator, writer and the legendary founding Director of Photography at Vibe magazine.

A great supporter of Dana Lixenberg’s “austere and involved perspective”, he was the first in the United States to publish a portfolio of her Imperial Courts series, in 1993.
During his tenure he commissioned Dana many of the portraits which helped jumpstart her editorial career and that are now, two decades later, presented by GRIMM Gallery in the solo exhibition American Images.
The show comprises of singular portraits of public personae, a selection of American icons who have been instrumental in shaping today’s popular culture and that collectively constitute a personal reflection on American culture.


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