CUBATattooing History

Exploring Cuban art
and social reality

PAC Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea presents CUBA. Tattooing History, an exhibition that explores Cuban art, both inside and outside the island, with the aim of reaching a correct understanding and knowledge of the country. A tale to design a map through art, the key to a unique and unprecedented reading that was once known as “other cultures”, and that today are rising on the international scene.
Today, Cuba much resembles a mythical place: it is an island that for more than five decades has survived and resisted hostility and strife. Cuba historically also represents a place of intersections and mutations: it is the metaphor for the encounter between cultures.
Hence, each individual artist displayed at the PAC will recount, through his or her works, the stages in a journey towards the island’s anthropological and ontological environment, with its magnificence and its poverty, its noise and its furore, its cultural, linguistic and mythical sides, its ideological currents and ethno-centric blindness. Visitors have the chance to immerse in an unique experience that lead them to discover the tension between ideology, the interior world of the artist, and social reality.