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Stavanger, January 12th, 2018
Interview Stefano Raimondi



tl;dr, Team Gallery, New York, 2014.



“So I guess, it would be cool if art in the future was all just IP; just bits oating in encrypted contracts. But one thing is certain: young artists are always making great work, even if the older ones don’t think so. The thing is, older artists have no say in the matter.”

SR It was 2014 when we met in your studio in New York—now, the studio is still there, but many things changed during these last four years. How would you describe this new sce- nario?
CA Yes, lol, well, I still have my studio in New York, but since we met, I have moved full time along with my wife and daughter to Stavanger, Norway—a small city on the southwest coast of Norway.
So now I also have a small of ce in Stavanger where I work. I try to explain to people that I live in Nor- way, but work in New York. It’s a bit bizarre, as I run my NYC studio—where I have some very talented people who help me—from my desk in Norway.
SR Do you think that your work has been in uenced by your Stavanger residence, and by the fact that you’re now a fa- ther?


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