Conversationsby Richard Phillips

Mathew Gallery, New York
20 November – 27 December, 2015


Mathew NYC presents “Conversations”, a new exhibition by Richard Phillips. The artist departs from the hyperrealist paintings for which he is famous, and opts for a process of reconstitution, drawing patterns from works realized by Albert Oehlen and Christopher Wool into a staging of apparently conflicting visual registers. 
In Conversation I and II, Phillips overlays photographs produced in collaboration with Playboy magazine, with patterns from Albert Oehlen’s Computer Paintings series. The patterns, that originally appeared in black and white, are here infused with a vibrant color palette.


In Canyons I and Canyons II, Christopher Wool’s Untitled pattern painting is inverted, its negative laid overtop a print of a serape blanket. The Playboy magazine logo is placed in the bottom left corner, providing a third layer to the paintings’ surface.
As juxtapositions free of value judgment, the works represent the results of varying trajectories in the production of the visual, displaying – through their elements non-translatability – a strategic engagement with the connoisseurship of contemporary painting.