Characters from the DesertMuse Talk with Staz Lindes

We spoke with Staz Lindez about being an artist in LA
and connecting people through music.


Photography Brad Elterman
Fashion Richie Davis
Interview Maddalena Iodice


Born in London, but living in LA, the English-American artist Staz Lindes wanted to be a super star and have a band since she was wee. Someone may think she got the genes from her dad, the guitarist of the Dire Straits, but she has been working on these dreams ever since while also adapting to the Southern Cali lifestyle.

MI Who is Nastassia Sahara Elizabeth Lindes?
SL She’s a little girl who was brought to Los Angeles over from London when she was wee. First on Melrose, then the town of Santa Monica, later Venice. She was forced to adapt her adorable British accent to a harsh Southern Cali twang but made friends fast regardless. She wanted to be a super star and to have a band while also being a hair dresser and potentially a teacher. She’s been working on these dreams ever since although I can’t cut hair for dirt and my incessant ‘teachings’ are nags at this point.
MI What is your life in Los Angeles like?
SL Make a to do list spend all day in traffic to get it done, then go to bed at 10 or 11 pm. I probably have practice at around 6 pm.
If I’m lucky I get to go to the beach, hike, see an extremely decent gig or gallery, go to the Egyptian theatre to see a screening of an old masterpiece, but mostly I’m obsessed with keeping my nest nice. 
Does California influence your art?
SL Yes, I love art influenced by California like Hockney and John Carpenter and that in turn influences my art. I love Los Angeles’ color pallet — blue, sandy yellow, green, white, and red or pink splashed in there. I’m constantly star struck by the streets, neighbourhoods, mountains, street characters that are just playing themselves. It’s the most natural thing in the world to sprout out of an unnatural environment. It’s a desert remember! My band is all from here so I’m most thankful for this city bringing us all together. Some of our songs are about these street characters, traffic jams, and relentless sun.



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