• Customized phone case, Zip and Charm, all CHAOS
  • left: All snapshots: customized phone cases all CHAOS. Images from @chaos Instagram
    right: Embroidered phone case CHAOS
  • Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall. Portraits by Yvan Fabing


New Frontiers Portrait

Photography by Yvan Fabing
Interview by Christopher Michael


“We’d been thinking about doing this for a long time but didn’t want to just go into fashion accessories in an already flooded market… It was about finding something that we were really inspired to make.”

CM How are the new hats fitting? CH Great! We have been surprised by how much we enjoyed the business side of this venture. We honestly didn’t know what the business side of it would entail. We had a dream, we could see what it looked like and we just went to get it. It did take a while to swing our heads from being stylists into being brand owners that was quite funny.
CM Did you guys have someone on your team to sort of lead in that way or was it more of a DIY type of journey?
CH It was a DIY in that certain areas we had sorted and others we were completely winging it. From the start of design and prototyping, the launch period in October and through now to March, we were working with a skeletal team. It was really great because now we understand certain elements of the business process in a way that we would never have otherwise. Challenging however!
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