• Full look Giada
  • Full look Giada

Celluloid Stillness

by Mark Kean
and Alexandra Carl

photography Mark Kean
fashion Alexandra Carl
interview Maddalena Iodice

MI Hi Gabriele, I suppose this year has been quite busy considering the wide range of events Giada has hosted between Beijing and Milan.
 2015 has seen you appointed as Giada’s new Creative Director. How do you feel about this?
GC Giada is such a special collaboration, because of the opportunities and experiences that I’m involved with since two years. Contributors (photographers, art directors, stylists) and its wellestablished role in the Chinese market give to this project an international appeal, which I am deeply experiencing through my travels.
What has been developed as a balanced aesthetic path is the starting point for what is my role today, as my aim is making Giada a global brand marked by a recognizable image, which I find extremely challenging.
MI Has your family background in the art of fur influenced the way you work today?
GC The material as well as its quality are craft’s foundations and represent my “obsession” leading me to a constant research for new treatments and experimentations, in order to create new textile outcomes.

I believe my personal and professional backgrounds to be the main reason for details attention and deeply care to handmade steps some manufactures involve.
MI In a recent interview something caught my attention, which is your passion for Latin and Greek languages. Is there something from these studies that you still find useful when approaching the creative process?
GC My classical studies have most definitely shaped my creative process method as it is at present. I’m used to investigate and analyze as well as I did when I was at high school and college, looking for the suitable word for ancient text translations. It is widely thought being creative as just a free expression of mind but actually I believe this to be an obsolete theory because, according to what I have learnt from my studies, creativity needs method and precision in order to work at its best.

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