Celebrations of sensationsLeg, snails and peaches

Juergen Teller’s exhibition at Suzanne Tarasieve Gallery
tells about political, ecological and erotic echoes.

  This exhibition takes its title from one of his recent series, “Leg, snails and peaches, London 2017.” At the gallery entrance, “Leg, snails and peaches No.25, London 2017” shows Juergen Teller lying on the ground wearing shorts and a hoodie in the blue of the European flag, on which the twelve stars symbolising the countries of the EU have been reduced to eleven, following the withdrawal of the United Kingdom. He’s holding a mobile phone in camera mode but it’s not documenting what might be sees as the main action of the scene and he seems totally wrapped up in the sensations produced by the presence on his naked left leg of a Giant African Snail. The exhibition focuses on assembling the elements of this complex story in which we can find political, ecological and  – most of all – erotic echoes.