Celebrating OrlandoBy Tilda Swinton

Aperture Gallery celebrates its latest publication with

an exhibition guest-curated by Tilda Swinton.


For the release of Aperture’s 2019 summer issue and coinciding exhibition, Tilda Swinton, who guest curated the publication draws upon Virginia Woolf’s prescient 1928 novel Orlando.

In 1992 the English author Sally Potter had the audacity to adapt into a film script the story of a man who lived for four centuries and shifted gender along the way, from being a man to becoming a woman. Swinton was chosen for the titular character in the movie although fell in love with the novel way before then. “Woolf wrote Orlando,” the actress notes, “in an attitude of celebration of the oscillating nature of existence. She believed the creative mind to be androgynous. I have to come see Orlando far less as being about gender than about the flexibility of the fully awake and sensate spirit..”.

The topics of the novel served as guidelines for the genesis of both the issue and the accompanying exhibition, which put togethers the minds of prominent artists and photographers. A rose of artists came together to explore the spirit of limitlessness and transition, “A heartfelt celebration of the fully incisive and expansive vision of life exemplified by the extraordinary artists collected here” as added by Swinton.

For the occasion Collier Schorr presented works from her archive that have a focus on androgyny and youth, Vivien Sasses her newest series Venus & Memories alike artist Carment Winant, a screening of queer visionary Derek Jarman’s The Garden will be held in the upcoming weeks.