Cass Bird in BedPlayful intimacy


A tangle of attitudes, emotions,
silly poses, sideways glances.


Cass Bird is renowned for the playful intimacy and head-spinning beauty of her work in film and photography. Open to the public until September 24th Red Hook Labs celebrates her work presenting a solo exhibition she has cheekily entitled In Bed. This show erases the line between her personal work-snapshots of her family’s life in Brooklyn-and the lens she turns on the fashion world through her work for publications such as American & French Vogue, Self- Service and The Wall Street Journal Magazine.
This is a celebration of the artist’s world, a world that is often semi-clothed, goofy, unwashed, a tangle of attitudes, emotions, silly poses, sideways glances. Bird has a direct and collaborative relationship with her subjects, so their joy is her joy, and both are reflected in the capture. For all the nudity and naughty gestures, there is never a sexual moment. Nudity and intimacy are uncoupled from sexualization in her work, which is both an intuitive and a deliberate choice.