Bucolic MeditationFendi's ode to Nature

In a time where half of what surrounds is
synthetic or virtual Fendi reminds us of the importance of Nature.

  Silvia Venturini Fendi’s designed an ode to nature for the Spring Summer 2020 collection and exhibited in the stunning garden of Milano’s Villa Reale.

Together with her old friend and collaborator Luca Guadagnino, Fendi transplanted her passion for botanic to a Menswear Collection. The mood of the collection is dreamt, fresh and sensual. Cotton overalls and fisherman style vests are made appealing thanks to the sophisticated selection of materials . The chromatic choice fit the environment and theme of the collection: khaki, sand and olive toned dominate the looks. Fendi’s signature accessories are declined in watering cans, others made out of trellis-like nets and handmade straw totes. Guadagnino sketched the botanical prints while filming his latest movie “Suspiria” trying to find an escape from the darkness imaginary of the film. “I fantasized about my beloved idea of gardening and the outdoors. It was a way out for me. I was trying to make myself feel lighter,” Guadagnino said. “’Suspiria was done in muted colors — actually no colors — and is very dark and these are very garish, bright prints. It’s always a beautiful way to release, to fantasise about the things you like and you want to do for yourself.

Although focused on the bucolic aspect of our lives, there is also an ongoing conversation on sustainability in fashion “People feel the need to go back to nature and back to craftsmanship, to work with their hands, put their hands in the earth. I think it’s something that reconnects you to the real world.” Fendi said. In a time where half of what surrounds us is virtual or synthetic Fendi reminds us to take time off to reconnect to nature, now more than ever.