Bold SilhouettesPalm Angels ss 18

Masculinity, in protest. Femininity, too.
Under a black sun.

  A riotous take on another enduring American subculture: surfing. The same spirit, and a sporty physicality, link men and women, which is officially a debut for Palm Angels. Assertive proportions, visual clarity and bold silhouettes: parkas, duster coats, field jackets, boxy shirts, oversize fatigues, boarding shorts, miniskirts, scuba suits. Functional details get twisted: drawstring, dangling straps. Palm patterns get micro, giving rhythm, or macro, making a statement. Sun-faded effects attack surfaces, in an act of disobedience. RAGE is spelt out loud, and clear. Shore hues: red, black, orange, sand, grey. Nylon, canvas, gaberdine, cotton and practical accessories: hoods, bucket hats, sport bibs, backpacks, totes. Palm Angels stems from an Italian take on American culture and subcultures; it merges an appreciation for sartorial codes and a joy for fabric with a proclivity for using clothing as identity tropes and cultural signifiers. A vision, with a real human being behind it.