Belligerent eyesJapan 1984 - 7 Betacam Tapes

A project by Michelangelo ed Enrica Antonioni,
25 August – 11 September, 2016


Japan 1984 – 7 Betacam Tapes
Enrica Fico Antonioni, Tokyo 1984 Courtesy Enrica Fico Antonioni



Belligerent Eyes | 5K Confinement, is a research project on contemporary image production presenting Japan 1984 – 7 Betacam Tapes, that brings together never-before-seen video material realized by Michelangelo and Enrica Antonioni. From August 25 through September 2, exclusively on Belligerent Eyes website the footage will be available for viewing through a specially designed streaming platform. Content will include a series of documentaries shot by the directors in various different Japanese locations during the 1980s, exploring the Japanese social transformations through the experimental use of new film technologies.
The material put on display consists of seven betacam cassettes. During their stay at the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka, Michelangelo and Enrica Antonioni were given a new video camera as a gift: the betacam. This novel electronic format recorded the synthesis between the director’s perception and the social and urban reality of Japan. Transmission of the seven betacam cassettes is intended as a means for encountering and exploring contemporary life. The work is connected with the experimental research of Michelangelo and Enrica Antonioni and demonstrates how it is possible to participate in a dialogue with a film director, above and beyond the traditional means to experience film.

Japan 1984 – 7 Betacam Tapes, Tokyo 1984
Courtesy Enrica Fico Antonioni