Behind NatureGiuseppe Penone

Artworks by Giuseppe Penone
Interview by Massimiliano Gioni

MG Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana is an extremely revolutionary venue but also a very classic one at the same time. Inside this monumental architecture full of references to the metaphysical landscapes of Giorgio De Chirico, several artworks communicate and they run counter to the precise geometry and to the marble elements of the space; matter and form are seen as living organic entities.
GP The exhibition was born from the ongoing conversation with the spaces of Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana. An extraordinary monument in so many ways.
It’s been many years since it was built, so the way we see it and feel it has changed. I believe that places define the interpretation of the artwork and the artwork engages in a dialogue with the places. Organizing an exhibition in a location like Palazzo, a place with a precise architecture, inorganic and cold from a certain point of view, is really interesting as it creates a sharp contrast to my work. My work is based on matter, rhetoric between me and the material; quite the opposite to the feeling one has when they get closer to the building.


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