Back to the codesChanel Métiers d'art

The light gently reflects and
diffuses intimate femininity.

  “Gabrielle’s apartment reminds me of Karl’s first apartment that I knew, where one would sit on four-poster beds disguised as sofas. So, for this Métiers d’art collection, I wanted it to revolve around Gabrielle’s apartment. […] I like to have a CHANEL item in my bag, a piece of jewellery, a compact. It’s always reassuring. Her apartment was like a veritable showcase where she kept all the little treasures given to her by friends, like the ear of wheat painted by Dalí.”” – Virginie Viard

For the last thirty years, it has been Virginie Viard who liaises with the Métiers d’art, constantly researching and experimenting with them. Behind the silhouettes, the creations born from endless conversations: camellias printed on ethereal feathers, gold lions, emblematic graphic flowers, the double C interlaced in the majestic jewelled pendant chandelier, chains and pearls embroidered into braiding and ears of wheat made of aged gold cuvette sequins. Virginie has chosen to pay tribute to the very codes of Chanel, embedded in her soul and found within Gabrielle’s apartment and thus the life of Mademoiselle Chanel. She begins thinking about a collection conceiving a girl’s walking down and wondering which dress or pair of shoes she’s wearing. Chanel’s attitude is indeed a vocabulary and how Mademoiselle would say, Fashion changes but style endures.