Asymmetrical BalanceY/Project's vision

For the Men’s 2020 Collection Glen Martens pushes
the boundaries of aesthetic with his creations.


Under the nave of the church L’Oratoire du Louvre, Glenn Martens pushes one step further Y/PROJECT’s ethos of deconstruction as a mean of individual expression. Once again, the perception of clothing is almost blurred with the creation of almost impossible constructions with an infinity feels, as if the pieces were never-ending. Asymmetry and disproportion are constant throughout the collection which breaks the traditional silhouette: jackets, blazer or dresses assemble front panels of different sizes, asymmetric high waisted fold over pants are  a symbol of this deconstructed design philosophy. The body with tulle suits are the showstopper of the season, looking like drawings walking down the runway.

Marten’s creative vision comes to life in a show dusted by eclectic references blended together: flared trousers could be medieval or coming straight out of the 70s, traditional Polish hand-painted pants and heavy healed boots. A new aestethic language is being invented throughout every piece of the collection.