Assembled colorsAndreas Slominski

Unconventional and coloured toilet-installations
throughout the Gallery.

  Andreas Slominski presents an installation comprising new wall reliefs and portable plastic toilets in his fourth exhibition at Metro Pictures, New York. Well known for his subversive approach to art and exhibition making, Slominski creates works that evoke a compelling reticence at once charming and provocative.

Slominski’s wall reliefs are constructed from the colorful side paneling of a specific model of German portable plastic toilet. Taking over the factory’s production line, the artist vacuum-formed maternal-themed found sculptures and symbolic natural and utilitarian objects, like rope and wood, into the high-density polyethylene panels. The complete, assembled toilets, the same model whose paneling is used for the artist’s wall reliefs, are unconventionally installed throughout the gallery. With their contrasting white pitched roofs and black bases, the toilets, especially in the bright primary colors chosen by Slominski, transform from ordinary utilitarian objects into playful sites of refuge.