Art on your handLouis Vuitton presents the ArtyCapucines Collection

The French Maison once again blurs the line
between fashion and art world.

Louis Vuitton has been a pioneer in creating a melting pot between contemporary art and timeless fashion. The french maison’s history of collaborating with prominent art personalities dates back many decades when Sol LeWitt, Sandro Chia and Arman designed the signature silk foulards for the brand, although it was only former women’s creative Marc Jacobs that truly saw the potential of such collaborations. Take Takashi Murakami’s pop cherries blended within the LV monogram, the bold and playful Yayoi Kusama’s dots collection in 2012 or most recently Jeff Koons who splashed images of his favourites Old Masters on everything from backpacks to entry-level scarves; these artists have brought more to the table than the image of the Mona Lisa on a Speedy – they brought their provocative commentary and visionary creativity at, literally, our hands. They brought substance. Therefore, the holy grail of high fashion is right now creating a product that resonates not just with form but also with meaning. At Vuitton, this has brought about what is described as a “crescendo” of collaborations, the latest of which is about to launch.

The Capucines bag, launched six years ago and quickly became one of Louis Vuitton’s most well-known accessory. To elevate it even further, six contemporary artists – Sam Falls, Urs Fischer, Nicholas Hlobo, Alex Israel, Tschabalala Self and Jonas Wood – were given the iconic bag as a blank canvas to work on and the total freedom expression.

Each personality applied their unique view; Urs Fischer transformed a white Trillion Capucines BB into a hanging sculpture with the addition of hyper-realistic, hand painted silicon pieces of fruits and vegetables. Nicholas Hlobo echoed the Louis Vuitton’s monogram canvas through a flower that grows organically from the Capucine’s interior, while Jonas Wood’s piece is inspired by his paintings and applied over 200,000 stitches to create a rich tactile texture, mixing high precision hand techniques with modern silhouettes.

I’m always interested in finding new platforms for creative expression and new audiences”, says California-based Alex Israel. The characteristic flickering waves of his colourful paintings sweep across his bag, which resemble a patchwork but is surprisingly formed of a single piece of leather, cleverly stitched to give a 3D effect. To finish with the embroidered leather collage on Tschabalala Self bag and the intricate nacré work on Sam Fall’s Capucines, the right kind of fashion collaboration can not only provide an additional means of expression, but also bring art and idea to a new audience.

With only 300 made by each artist, the ArtsyCapucines Collection launches in a limited network of Louis Vuitton stores on June 25th.