ART IS BURSTINGVolcano Extravaganza

A mysterious flavour that brings back to projects which
they have imagined non-conventional forms.

Interview by Francesco Tenaglia


Volcano Extravaganza 2018 Edition


“The ideal stage where to celebrate events and offer ephemeral votes that vanish in few hours. From the beginning, the festival demanded to be a prevailing matrix of performance, regardless of the several exhibitions opened in canonical or improvised locations.”

FT Tell us about Volcano Extravaganza and how the relationship with Stromboli was born.

MF A necessary and crucial preamble: those summer holidays, between 2008 and 2010, while idling away together with a cohesive group of artists, as well as a flowery spring and a mild New Year’s Eve while climbing the volcano. On the one hand, the photos of Runa Islam captured the details of a decaying vegetation. On the other, the epic vision of Goshka Macuga: the moonscape, the eruptions, and our fatigue. The conviviality of Enrico David. A series of spontaneous artworks and thoughts. In 2011, Nicoletta Fiorucci and I, felt the need to bring those outputs back to where they origi- nated. Hence, the Volcano Extravaganza festival was born, entailing many events which initially occured within a cou- ple of months and then within a limited number of sunrises and sunsets. The second edition introduced two new variables which established as norms: the presence of an artistic leader, a master of the house (Nick Mauss in that year) and the sheer necessity of combining the conception time with the realization time.

In 2013, Lucy McKenzie asked to add a caption to express the emotional turn of the edition: Evil Under the Sun – which became established as well. Only in 2014, with Haroon Mirza and his Forget Amnesia, Volcano Extravaganza was condensed in few days. Likewise, in the 2015 edition, In Favour of a Total Eclipse, I chose to be the only leading artist with the intention to capitalize on my intimate familiarity with the island and its inhabitants.
This same energy was channelled in 2016, with Camille Henrot, and in 2017, with Eddie Peake where, for the first time, the festival also appeared elsewhere: in Naples. Last summer, the festival was organised again in two locations, firstly in Dhaka, as part of the Dhaka Art Summit, and then, as per tradition, in Stromboli. Spiritual guide: Runa Islam.
The ninth edition will see Maria Loboda as being the soul and entertainer, and The Archaeological Site of Pompeii as being the final scenery. Which will be, instead, the new variable that is going to turn and crystallize as norm?


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