ArchipelagoLouis Vuitton Menswear ss18

A journey through pockets of civilisation
and different identities

“I thought of specific islands – New Zealand, Easter Island, and especially Hawaii – but I was also inspired by the idea of an island, and of travel. Of moving easily from place to place, and experiencing these different pockets of civilisation, these different identities simultaneously.” – Kim Jones, Men’s Artistic Director of Louis Vuitton.

The wanderlust that characterises’ Louis Vuitton inspires the SS18 collection with not one specific destination, but many. The luxurious pursuit of island hopping, of moving between disparate and distinct locales, infuses a collection of hybrids and juxtapositions, built around combining different elements from different places. An archipelago, on your back. The geographical reality of an island – water-locked, isolated – allows distinct cultural identities to flourish.

Hawaii, through its signature Aloha shirts inspires prints and intarsia knits of exotic foliage – imaginary and new Hawaiian patterns, specially devised by Louis Vuitton. Extreme sports as windsurfing, climbing, trekking, hiking – influence both silhouettes and new graphic logo treatments – the name ‘Louis Vuitton’ becomes a sports team slogan, a decal printed across sweaters, tee-shirts and scuba zips. Outfits are fusions – but instead of blending one inspiration into the next, they are defined and individual – like an island.