AntibodiesCarol Rama

An exhibition that celebrates the
independence of eccentricity


on left: Carol Rama, Sortilegi [Spells], 1984, photo: Stefan Altenburger Photography, Zurich
on right: Carol Rama, Bricolage, 1986, © Archivio Carol Rama, Turin, photo: Elisabeth Bernstein


This spring The New Museum opens the largest presentation of the Italian artist Carol Rama: Antibodies. Her work has proven prescient and influential for many artists working today, attaining cult status and attracting renewed interest in recent years. Desire, sacrifice, repression and liberation; these works present a rare opportunity to examine the ways in which the artist’s fantastical opposed the political ideology of her time. Antibodies celebrates the independence of eccentricity and shows us how the artist has anticipated debates on sexuality. The exhibition traces the development from her early erotic, harrowing depictions of “bodies without organs” through later works that invoke innards, fluids, and limbs—a miniature theater of cruelty in which metaphors of contagion and madness counteract every accepted norm. On view from April 26th until September 10th 2017.