An artistic utopia"Made dreams a reality." - Aimé Maeght

Where the formidable spirit of the
Maeght family lives on.

  “I’ve known this place for twenty-five years and I love coming here regularly. It has a beautiful family history, a particular story about passionate gallerists who, along with all the artists for whom they were both friends and patrons, invented an extraordinary place for artistic dialogue. You can see in these enduring works all their complicity and artistic flow. It’s an intelligent, beautiful site. A place that has spirit, installations have a special rapport with nature and the seasons.” — Nicolas Ghesquière

The formidable spirit of the Maeght family lives on. Louis Vuitton Cruise 2019 reflects the bright originality of Aimé Maeght, the man who, as the Belgian artist Pierre Alechinsky said: “made dreams a reality”. Garments are a powerful means of expression: a free-form artwork, sometimes antagonistic, but that creates a unique picture. Unconventional marriages of style, referencing the couture of a century ago, harmonize with the present day.
The collection meanders through the extraordinary Joan Miró labyrinth, complementing this unique maze.

On this occasion, the House is proud to announce its collaboration with Grace Coddington: an iconic writer, illustrator, and fashion editor, known for her love of animals, and particularly the cats.