An absurd collectionThomas Mailaender

“The Fun Archeology “is a celebration
of the eccentric and extreme.


Reaper,  2018 © Thomas Mailaender.


  Thomas Mailaender is a French artist living and working between Paris and Marseille known for his use of a wide range of media and his experimentation with printing processes, fixing strange and humorous found imagery onto the surface of ceramics, photography and sculpture.  The source of images used in Mailaender’s work is the artist’s Fun Archive, a collection of absurd, amateur photographs he started amassing from the internet in 2000.  Mailaender’s work raises questions not only about the role of the artist, but also about the absurdity of the everyday and the pretensions of the art world. The Fun Archeology at Michael Hoppen Gallery is a celebration of the eccentric and extreme – full of strange and wonderful objects, such as Algerian propaganda movies or minuscule souvenirs and an extensive photo book collection.