American prosperityDavid LaChapelle

Capturing moments and intimicy of American
culture and lifestyle during the 1970-1980’s.

  Galerie Bene Taschen, Cologne, will presents from April 26th to June 7th a joint exhibition of the work of internationally renowned photographers David LaChapelle and Joseph Rodriguez. David LaChapelle’s Recollections in America and Joseph Rodriguez’s Spanish Harlem reveal intimate, touching, and eccentric portraits of America’s people. David LaChapelle utilizes a unique production process in which he builds “neo-collages” from acquired photographs taken during intimate family gatherings in America during the 1970-1980’s. By introducing additional objects and people, which otherwise have nothing to do with the original images, the artist creates dystopian retrogrades.

Developing the theme of portraits of American culture and lifestyle, Joseph Rodriguez invites us into the streets and homes of New York’s Latino district. He rejects a primary focus on poverty in favour of creating dignified portraits of the struggling area’s inhabitants, capturing moments that show residents playing card games, listening to boomboxes and dancing in the street.