Alternating Rose And GoldJeremy Everett

This book is something between a love letter and
an index to the visual world of Gaia

  The new IDEA book is Alternating Rose And Gold, a book by the artist and photographer Jeremy Everett. “This book is something between a love letter and an index to the visual world of Gaia. It is the symmetry of alternating parts; luxury, demolition, intimacy, industry, Judd, juice, deserts, diamonds, tire chains, palm trees, rose and gold.” – Jeremy Everett. This is a book of art and travel and fashion and flora. The themes are interwoven and the lines are blurred; travel is for work and for research and for pleasure, experience inspires design, Gaia is model and muse and the creative centre. “For me it’s an imbrication of an artist’s point of view and a brand’s identity. The title ‘Alternating Rose And Gold’ is a tribute to Dan Flavin’s work, echoing the colour variations and reflections in the Repossi designs. At the same time it’s the result of an openvisual dialogue between two creative intuitions.”Gaia Repossi