• Pedro Almodóvar on set "La flor de mi secreto".
  • Arrebato, 1979, Iván Zulueta.
  • "Peppermint Frappé" (Frappé alla menta), 1967, Carlos Saura.
  • "Furtivos", 1975, José Luis Borau.

Almodóvar unfolded

The treasures of Spanish Cinema

The fifth series of “Soggettiva” conceived by Pedro
Almodóvar at Fondazione Prada.


Fondazione Prada presents the fifth series of “Soggettiva”, conceived by Pedro Almodóvar and featuring 8 Spanish films on screen from the 6th of June to the 26th of July 2019 and accompanied by 9 cinematographic works realized by the director from 1983 to 2004  and 4 films produced by El Deseo, the company created by Pedro and Agustín Almodóvar. As explained by Almodóvar: “They are a sort of poetic justice that because of political dictatorships have been abolished. These masterpieces are still extremely alive and keep having a major influence on contemporary cinematography, and I care for them to be rediscovered.” For the opening night of the Soggettiva, the Spanish director presented to his public “Dolor y Gloria”, part of the official competition at the last Cannes Film Festival. An intense movie in which the greatest pains and regrets become intersected with the joys and successes of life. A flashback of intimal memories into the life of the filmmaker are pieced together in a film that, Almodóvar specifies, represents him and his dramatic notes. The titular character, Salvador Mallo, travels through several stages of his life, sometimes fictional and enriched with details that not always coincide with Almodóvar’s life but still profound salvific. As he says, only passion can push us to talk about one’s own story from joyful childhood to mature age in a patchwork of love and broken successes and combined with words that haven’t been completely said. Right before the screening, the director wishes the audience a vision able to excite and remain stuck in our heads, a bit like the memories of the protagonist through which he was able to project his point of view. The title of the movie immediately refers to the inevitable succession of emotions; at times clear and joyful but also gloomy and threatening told by the protagonist, a Spanish filmmaker played by Antonio Banderas, who deservedly won the title of Best Actor in Cannes. Salvador Mallo is a complicated character plagued by a series of psychosomatic illnesses, haunted by a deep frustration and a difficult relationship with his mother. Through the clear and controlled photography the themes strongly linked to Almodóvar’s production are told: memory, love, sexual ambiguity and overwhelming passion. These topics are often recounted with a touch of irony and self-criticism that can be often found in Almodóvar’s own self; a colourful personality easily recognised by his lively style that certainly won’t go unnoticed. 

Written by Elisa Ambrosetti