Agnes and JR’s generationFondazione Prada

The “Visages, Villages” docu-film by Agnes Varda
and JR artist at Fondazione Prada


Agnes and JR on the road


  The French film director Agnes Varda and the artist JR present their ironic road-movie “Visages, Villages” at Fondazione Prada.
The film, in collaboration with Fondazione Cinetica Bologna, was presented during the last 70th Festival of Cannes and it will come out from March 15th.
It focuses on the trip of the two protagonists while travelling around France: Agnes and JR explored the streets on a van used by the artist for realizing his extreme portrait-drawings on the walls, roofs and buildings. The friendship between the film director and the artist tells about the people and relations which are mixed with the private and individual experiences. Two different generations are juxtaposed among the both Agnes and Jr’s artistic point of view.