ABOUT POWERFUL FEMININITYMiu Miu presents Shifting Viewpoints

Lotta Volkova and Senta Simond
interpret Miu Miu’s female figure.

  Miu Miu fairytales keep bearing witness to the strength of femininity. Through the photographic project born by the collaboration between Senta Simond‘s suggestive lens and Lotta Volkova’s dramatic twist, the brand affirms the successful combination of teen attitude and powerful soul. This time, it revolved around the innate sense of individuality enclosed in every woman – despite the variety of emotions that she can experiment: she might appear umcomfortable or quite, while her ostinate trait remains the same. Changing on imperceptible level the angle of the camera, the Swiss photographer Simond destabilises the observer’s point of view, by presenting different interpretations. As a result, a strong focus reveals the importance Shifting Viewpoints project, which is enriched by Lotta Volkova’s recognizable signature. Similarly, the storytelling becomes precious, thanks to the iconic jewellery collection. The girlish elements are overlapped to Miu Miu AW 2020 collection, strengthening their meaning. The Manifesto is an ode to the female figure, observed and analysed by different frames, next to the project Portraits in collaboration with Lotta Volkova.

Shifting Viewpoints
Photography Senta Simond
Fashion Lotta Volkova