A Walk to the ParkIssey Miyake's colorful performance

Miyake’s Men’s 2020 comes to light with
a cathartic dance performance. 

   Issey Miyake’s Homme Plisse show was a walk in the park on a summer day.
The park of Place Des Vosges saw Miyake’s Men’s 2020 coming to light throughout the cathartic dance performances of the models. Wearing pleated top in color blocks combinations. It’s more than just a show, it’s joyful celebration similar to the one at the Centre Pompidou last January. The show paid homage to the fabrics, embodiment of freedom that takes shape on the body and accompanies the movements. The colours are put in the spotlight successfully challenging what’s meant to be the spirit of the brand. Around the equestrian statue of Louis XII the choreographer Daniel Ezralow put in movement themes of folklore, summer spirits and children’s plays while a group of female percussionists kept the rhythm; A compelling visual performance, which suggests an alternative aesthetic path for the male wardrobe. The garments are created with the intention of freeing men from a prescribed dress code. The development starts from the research on pleats that Issey Miyake has been carrying on since 1988. The clothes are not only practical; shapes convey beauty and simplicity.