A story of detailsChristian Dior Museum

Where it is possibile to explore all the different aspects
of  ‘sanctuary for the marvellous’ and its collection.

  “I look back on it with tenderness as well as amazement. In a certain sense, my whole way of life was influenced by its architecture and environment.” – Christian Dior

Thirty years after the Musée Christian Dior collection was created in Granville, on an unprecedented scale, is paying homage to this priceless set of objects, expanded over the years with the introduction of new treasures. A journey through time which also recounts how the couturier’s childhood home has become a world-famous museum. This is where Christian Dior grew up, in Granville. His designs were lastingly inspired by the pink and grey house, known as Les Rhumbs. A cultural and leafy haven perched on the edge of the cliffs, with its English-style garden, tucked away from the world and far from the turmoil of the city.

A selection of almost 60 haute couture gowns, accessories, perfumes, photographs and archives illustrate Christian Dior’s entrepreneurial spirit, his creative journey and his secrets as a visionary designer. The exhibition recounts his personal and family history, painting a portrait of the man who created a prestigious and enduring couture house in an incredibly short span of time.