A patinated RaveThe Versace's Gang

Evoking the spirit
of the rebellious adolescence.


“With this collection I wanted to show men that they can dare too, go beyond the rules and express themselves through what they wear.” – Donatella Versace

Donatella Versace is back in town with her black glossy Ferrari and is not over the 90s, not yet. The show took off with a roaring tribute to the iconic frontman of the Prodigy, Keith Flint who died earlier this year, and from which Versace drew the main inspiration for the Men SS 2020 Collection. The collection exposes the patinated side of the rave culture, reinterprets the classic pieces of the new wave cultures with models wearing pink, yellow and green-haired models fiercely storming off the runway dressed in leopard, acid colours, bleached tie-dye and leather garments resembling Flint himself. This collection tells of the path of personal growth of a young man, who once mature manages to find the self-confidence necessary to play with his image. The car becomes a metaphor for reaching maturity and, in contrast, the oversize silhouettes evoke the adolescent spirit. The Versace man has gained the freedom to express himself and to dare. Donatella wanted to evoke the spirit of the rebellious adolescence through the racing car, the intentionally oversized silhouettes and the fabrics. The iconic Versace prints are ever presents, this time declined in over saturated colours, just like Donatella’s gang of Versace girls that despite officially being a Menswear show gave us major moments of 90s models vibe; Bella and Gigi Hadid, Adut Akech, Vittoria CerettiStella Maxwell and Irina Shayk wearing perhaps the most tailored looks of the collection in sparkly declinations.