A mindful JourneyValentino's exotic escape

Pierpaolo Piccioli brings to Paris
dreams of tropical wandering.

   Pierpaolo Piccioli’s Men’s 2020 collection is a journey of the mind. Presented yesterday in Paris, the show enlightens and enriches the concept of  Traveling not only as a physical activity but in the form of a free-flowing, borderless meandering of the ming. 

The journey takes place within the realm of the mind and is capable to transcend boundaries to reach the elsewhere, expanding possibilities and imagining utopias of the worlds.

I started the collection with this idea of mental escape, of traveling with your mind so you have no boundaries, no real places to go but to go deeper into yourself, even to imagine worlds”, said the Creative Director at the preview of the collection. An exotic utopia made of traces of different cultures, mingle and flows in the sartorial pieces. Lines flow, colours glow as the high and the low, the bright and earthy intertwine. The simplicity of the caftan, the handmade crochet and embroidery meet the precision of the suits, and the complexity of the prints. The imaginative landscapes created by the artist Roger Dean, speaks indeed of tropical escapes in bright colours, materialising imaginary places and making them visible – hence real. The nature prints inform the luxurious looks with an organic edge, subverting the simplicity of a shirt tucked into slacks with bright hues. 

Design once again confirms his power to shape what it might not be there at first sight and makes possible our dreams of wandering elsewhere.