Venice Film Festival73rd Edition

Competing movies,
31 August – 10 September, 2016

It is now the time for the 73rd Venice Film Festival, one of the most significant event in the cinematography industry, this year dedicated to two great directors who have recently passed away: Abbas Kiarostami and Michael Cimino.
As the President of la Biennale di Venezia Paolo Baratta says: “As in other art forms, in film, too, great attention must be paid to the quality and the vitality of the works, above and beyond their genre. Only through courageous choices and the ability to take risks can a ‘cultural’ function be performed. We will be useful as long as we know how to be fairly unpredictable”, and great quality is what stands out from the twenty movies competing for the Venice Film Festival’s top prize, the Golden Lion. Here is what catch our attention form the festival competing lineup.