6 PlacesGucci Polaroids

The Maison has asked some creative talents to
visit them and document their impressions.

Gucci presents the expanded Gucci Places program with six new special destinations. The initiative encourages you to discover and visit the places around the world that inspired the House. Six new locations that are referred to as Gucci Place reflect the taste and values that characterize the House.

The new locations that officially become part of Gucci’s selection are: Dapper Dan Atelier Studio, New York; Hollywood Forever Cemetery, Los Angeles; Gucci Garden, Florence; Boboli Gardens, Florence; Antica Libreria Cascianelli, Rome and Daelim Museum, Seoul. To highlight the opening of the six new Places, the House asked some creative talents to visit them and document their impressions. The artists used instant print cameras to produce spontaneous images that reflected their reactions to the location assigned to them. The result is a visual and highly personal diary of the visit, including hidden corners, travel notes and sketches, as well as images of souvenirs found by the artists.

The six artists invited to participate in the initiative are:

Isabella Cotier (Gucci Garden), creator of distinctive, playful, colorful, faux-naïf illustrations. Inspired by the people she met on the streets of Florence, Isabella created a series of images for Gucci that were used for an exclusive collection of T-shirts and sweatshirts, with and without hoods.

Silvia Calderoni (Antica Libreria Cascianelli) with Motus Company, performed at the Gucci Hub in Milan, presenting her MDLSX show that explores the theme of gender, identity and boundaries.

Adrian Kozakiewicz (Boboli Gardens), one of the largest insect breeders in Europe, Kozakiewicz publishes on his Instagram account images of his animals, which often crawl or walk on him.

Alex Cameron (Hollywood Forever Cemetery), Australian musician and songwriter, lives in New York and is known for his “high-concept” creations. His songs, known all over the world, are characterized by the synthesis of short pieces of prose and snapshots. Cameron performed at the launch of the Gucci Guilty fragrance at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery.

Coco Capitán (Daelim Museum), a Spanish photographer and artist, his works highlight his innate sensitivity to the politics of contemporary society. She has worked with Gucci on many projects, including the Gucci Art Wall and the collaboration on a product line.

Brandice Daniel (Dapper Dan Atelier) is an entrepreneur, author, CEO and founder of Harlem’s Fashion Row, a creative sounding board that gives voice to multicultural designers. She is one of the Harlem personalities portrayed in the new book Dapper Dan’s Harlem, published by Gucci and produced by photographer Ari Marcopoulos.